Welcome to the demonstration area for the Creativity and Medicine elective! My name is Bill Pomidor (a.k.a. "Dr. Bill"), and I'll be your tour guide ;-)

The purpose of this site isn't to show you everything that's offered during the elective; instead, it's simply meant to give you some perspective about the philosophy behind the rotation, some of the many areas that we have covered in the past, and--most importantly--an idea of the range of possibilities which you may wish to explore if you do sign up for the elective.

Despite the wide scope of this elective, it's still not for everyone. The manner of instruction is unconventional: most days, you'll be working from home (or anyplace else with a web connection), communicating with me via web-chats, e-mail, and occasional phone calls. Our syllabus and reference materials are also largely web-based, including both my syllabus and posted readings as well as sources which you will discover during your own explorations.

But the biggest distinction of this elective is its focus. Over the past four years (and more!), a substantial majority of your studies have focused on the ingestion, retention, and application of facts and concepts. This rotation emphasizes a very different aspect of the medical field: the diversity and relevance of creative thought and expression--including both conventional media (writing, visual arts, music, and digital forms) as well as professional applications (research, problem-solving, ethical explorations, and game-based education, to name just a few).

If you're interested--or just curious--come on in and take a look around. If you have questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact me at: william.pomidor@med.fsu.edu And thanks for visiting!


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