The Creativity and Medicine elective can take a wide variety of forms, depending upon your needs and interests. The most critical distinction involves your decision to take the elective as either a "sub-internship" or as a seminar/dialog, as detailed in the elective description at the COM. Still, to give you some insight into the various activities, potential topics and course materials, here are some samples from previous years:
Syllabus: Can you
"teach" empathy?

Syllabus: Light reading
from Anton Chekov (!)

WebChat: Biowarfare,
plus "writer's envy"

WebChat: Thoughts on
"enhanced interrogation"

Science Fiction: Using
drugs and doctors
for social control
Writers' Workshop :
Four med students fight
for their patient's life
(and learn mouth-to
snout resuscitation)
Writers' Workshop:
Tips and Tricks for the
mystery writer
Writers' Workshop:
Tips and Tricks for the
children's author